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    we know J2EE is a system framework
    but Is there any business framework for us to
    build our business application rapidly ?
    such as E-commence
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        If I understand your query properly then you are tying to find a framework, architecture, design for your business level application needs. Something more like Portal template provided by many IDE's. Or kind of Single Document Interface, Multiple Document Interface or Installation Wizard kind of solution.

       These are very general kind of wizards or framework that help you write very standard and common kind of business needs. Where as in J2EE space, generally applications are heavily dependant on the domain of business, something which have very specific screens, control logic and persistence layer (Expressing domain specific entity relationship).

       The best solution for this will be to draw module level use case and later find the interfaces required with modules. Once you are ready with your module level diagrams, try to find out the class interaction and later look for suitable patterns for your implementation. (Which you will find on this site itself in patterns section)

       Patterns will solve lot of problems related to business related application behavior. Secondly check
    these sites have lot of open source frameworks which are targeted to solve very common problems with very abstract point of view.

       There is a possibility you might adapt jakarta framwork and later customize it for your own needs.

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