I hve 2 entity beans (using bean managed persistence), controlled by a facade session bean. Both entity beans are connected to the same Oracle database (same database and same oracle schema and username/logon).

1) Each Entity bean (in both the ejbLoad and ejbStore methods) explicity graps a connection from the database pool.
The facade entity bean nmodifies Entity bean 1, followed by entity bean 2 in a single transaction. This means ejbStore of entity bean1 grabs a connection, makes the update and gives back the connection, and entity bean 2 does similar.

But does entity bean 2 grab the same connection as entity bean 1, or will it grab a totally different connection, in which case XA (2 phase commit) must be used to co-ordinate whet really is a "local transaction" (as opposed to a true "global transaction").

Does the EJB spec state how to deal with this, or does it vary amongst vendors?