So who has the best J2EE IDE for the money?


General J2EE: So who has the best J2EE IDE for the money?

  1. So who has the best J2EE IDE for the money? (8 messages)

    Obviously, best can be interpreted differently. But if it's your money that you are spending to equip a development team with a high productivity J2EE IDE, what would you choose?
  2. I would use Eclipse and keep the money ;-).
  3. Eclipse[ Go to top ]

    I'd go with Eclipse. Tried JBuilder for awhile, not worth it.
  4. Depends sometimes on the underlying app server.

    *Weblogic/WebSphere come with their own IDEs.
    *JBoss has eclipse plugin.

    If you want to do plain J2EE development with the assumption that you will manually do the app server deployment, you can go with open source IDEs - Net Beans or Eclipse.

    I suggest try to keep the money plus you will be closer to J2EE specs and not married to a particular vendor. But deployment to a vendor's app server may be tricky. But only an initial hurdle.
  5. They do
  6. for J2EE, my choice is Oracle JDeveloper 9i
  7. I will agree on the point for just development and server connectivity JDeveloper is good. On the other hand, feature rich gui with more support to extreme programming is through eclipse, refactory features in eclipse are much better than JDeveloper.

    Secondly eclips will give you freedom to add lotz of plugins yep developer too had this featuer but open source support is more towards eclipse than JD.

    by the way use any one of these and transfer the money to my bank account ....
    (Long live open source)

  8. Everyone has his/her own favourite, which they defend with as much zeal as a priest his god(dess).
    For me it's JBuilder. I tried several others over the years, but I always come back to JBuilder.

    Tried to download Eclipse because I wanted to take a look at it, but couldn't get it to come in without timing out even on a highspeed DSL connection...
  9. I am currently using Rational Application Developer 6, and was wondering if anyone would recommend other IDEs, especially those that are Eclipse-based.