Stick A Fork In Them: E-Week Tries To Start Controversy


News: Stick A Fork In Them: E-Week Tries To Start Controversy

  1. Proving that nothing makes for better copy than a pissed-off Marc Fleury, E-Week posted an inflammatory article in which they made the following claim:

    [i]Marc Fleury, president of JBoss Group LLC, Atlanta, said he is prepared to take legal action if the group of developers who left the JBoss Group to form a new company, known as Core Developers Network LLC, attempts to diverge from the JBoss code base.[/i]

    Darryl Taft, the E-Week reporter, was clearly itching for a story about how Marc Fleury vowed a bloody apocalypse with former JBoss Group employees who left to form the Core Developers Network. In fact, Fleury said he "had not seriously considered any legal pursuit" against CDN, and that it was "normal" for these sorts of defections to occur.

    So reporter Taft seized upon the following quote as the basis for his headline:

    [i]If there's a new JBoss, if they fork it and call it JBoss I would sue them.[/i]

    Clearly, Fleury was warning against infringement of the JBoss trademark here. Under terms of the LGPL License, anyone is free to fork and publish the JBoss source code.

    Read the E-Week article here: JBoss Warns Spinoff Against 'Forking' Code
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    One thing is right though, and Fleury is right: success usually spawns of semi-related success.. Makes me think of some 80 years back when the old NCR boss (dont recall the name, but the story is a classic) fired a couple of executives. One of them woved to start and build an even bigger and more successful company.
    He did, its called IBM.

    I am not in anyway comparing JBoss to NCR or IBM (I wouldnt want to inflate Fleury that much! :) ), but it is a sign that they are getting successful when the original company spawns of a small "industry" (well, almost) around itself, perhaps unwanted.
    The JBoss group should take this event as a compliment rather than an insult or problem, its the natural order of things..

    And as for the potential "suit": trademark infringement is a whole different ball-game from just forking something that is already open-source, so JBoss would be well within their rights there.

    So to the JBoss folks: congratulations! You are starting to see the first real signs of success and making a mark on the industry. Might not feel that way the instance it happened, but it most definitely is.
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  5. All this spin and counter-spin is enough to make me dizzy. Was this a news story, or a pro-active counter-strike before someone else maybe from an app server vendor could post the same story with a different title saying "JBoss is led by litiguous maniac: E-Week has the proof"?

    I think most people see the JBoss Group split for what it is, just a split of a consulting group that happens to have a member that owns the JBoss trademark. (Not to downplay in the least the contributions to the JBoss project that have been made by both those staying and those departing.) It does take the shiny veneer off the perfect world of the "colored pills" white papers, but life is never so pretty as we would like it to be when we actually get a chance to look so closely.


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  6. Both, Dain and David have been committing to the JBoss CVS days before AND after the announce of "Core Developers Network". I choose to judge this whole story on what people DO, not on what they SAY.