US Department of Defense sets open-source policy


News: US Department of Defense sets open-source policy

  1. The U.S. Dept of Defense has issued a policy that officially authorizes open-source software for projects in the department. The software software will have to complie with the same DoD policies for commercial/government software. The memo did talk about the different licensing in open-source, and to have a lawyer look into things before going down that path.

    This has been hailed as a big victory for open source.

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  2. Makes sense..[ Go to top ]

    I was at a conference recently.. not a DoD conference but another government related one, and all of the questions were issues like "Is Linux a supported platform now?" (Yes), "Is JBoss an acceptable application server yet?" (Soon), "Is Tomcat/Jakarta acceptable?" (Already is). There were even questions on Postgres and MySql..

    So, it would make sense for DoD to set similar policies for their computing systems.
  3. OpenSource is a public good and goverments are a public service for the public well.

    If all goverment invest resources into OpenSource then the people will have a improved public good.

    It's like cars and roads, we paid taxes to the goverments to build roads, and we buy the cars. Well software is a road where computers can run. We already paid taxes then the goverments got help to create software where computers can share.

    These doesn't mean all software will be free, just the most common and public used apps, like database, webserver, office, OS. Then business will pay for particular modification for them.