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    Hi all, first of all I must say that I'm starting on app server world.

    I've been studying about the characteristics, functionality and perfomance of Oracle9IAS (R2) and Bea WebLogic (7 and 8) using each one documentation, to take a decision about which one to choose for a future project (the only thing I know for sure is that the DB will be Oracle 9i R2).

    I've also been looking on Ecperf and other companys benchmarks, trying to find which App Server is better for my requests, but really I need to know the opinion that is truly important for me, yours.

    The opinion of people who have been working with those App Servers..., which are the greater problems they have found on installation, deployment, clustering, integration, etc.??

    A detailed description it's not necessary, simply knows which one has given you a better (or worst...) result in a real world enviroment.

    I would be very thankful if you can give me an orientation.


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  2. Weblogic is far better then oracle 9iAS
  3. I agree, WebLogic is far better than Oracle. Just to give you a short story ...... I've encountered some production instability in Oracle9iAS, and some Oracle consultants came to help. They spent more than 2 weeks, but they couldn't find out the root cause. Finally, I have to disable the module and get around the problem by modifying the application.
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    I think you generally have to look at market share. Ecperf unless you really are that bothered about which app server is the fastest by a few CPU cycles (most are in the same ballpark) is not much use.

    These days people tend to go either with BEA or IBM if you are going to purchase and JBoss if you are not.

    Oracle is trying to get more share but it is an up hill battle. I played with Oracle 8 application server and it was a disaster.

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    Having worked with BEA WLS in the past 3 years makes my vote a little biased. I've played around with Oracle 9iAS before, I must admit it wasn't too bad. There are still more reasons I'd go with BEA. One major reason is that BEA has been an AppServer-centric company for much longer than Oracle. Oracle just picked up their AS by buying the code from Orion. BEA 8.1 looks very promising with the new WebLogic Workshop IDE. Although, I've heard JDeveloper(used to be JBuilder from Borland) with 9iAS is a pretty good combination as well. I think it all comes down to cost. If you can afford to spend more, than go with BEA. Otherwise, Oracle is still a decent choice.
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    Hi all,
    We have been using 9iAS for about 2 and half years and Oracle could not provide any good admin tool yet even on 9.0.3 version. Still the webadmin for Oracle 9iAS should try to handle many different type of text config files by hand. I do not know if BEA has. Apart from that we have been experiencing many problems with IAS if it comes to high availability and managebility. To my mind money has no importance compared to problems that you live on a production environment. I should say I have no knowledge or experience on BEA WebLogic but I guess(and it should) it does not lack the mentioned points.
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    I would tend to think that oracle9ias/oc4j903/orion would probably work pretty
    good with the 9i database. We've been on websphere, and oc4j, looked at iona
    and Iplanet. We liked Oracle because we felt the documentation was clearer
    and more supportive than the others. Using oc4j for development is a breeze.
    While most IDEs we used had flaky aspects, jdeveloper had some useful
    features and some flaky features. The EJB refactoring works good with the 903
    version. The building of CMP2.0 Entity bean domain models was easy with
    their UML modeling tools which creates the entity beans, relationships, multilicity
    in the EJB XML deployment descriptors, and even creates all the tables and
    associations upon the first deploy. We didn't like the packaging and deploy
    in jdeveloper and switched to ant. I know there are some issues with the
    9ias and the Enterprise manager and clustering. I'm sure Websphere would
    come with a bag of its own problems also. So my put is if you have bucks, Bea
    would probably be the easiest to work with, but it will still have its own quirks.
    If you don't
    have bucks, I think Oracle 9ias would do a decent job, with the added benefit
    of extreme ease of use, and superior documentation.
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    "I have been working with O9iAs from past one year with a combination of JDeveloper.It really working well.It have some of it's drawbacks but not that much that u can avoid.It is firstly reduces the cost.If u can effort nore then u can switch to weblogic.Before O9iAs we used to work on Pramati.It's really good.espeacially Pramati's studio wirh O9iAs is the wonderful combination.
    In Jdeveloper,when ever we change the method signature, we are supposed to make the required change in remote,ejb-jar.xml files.Which is automatically done at Pramati"