TestMaker 4.0 ships with new test agent recorder feature


News: TestMaker 4.0 ships with new test agent recorder feature

  1. PushToTest today released TestMaker 4.0, a free open-source test utility and framework that for testing web apps(HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC) and email systems (SMTP, POP3, IMAP). New to this release is a recorder that writes a complete test agent automatically, new charts and meters to visualize results, and a new Swing-based environment.

    PushToTest today released TestMaker 4.0, a major new release of the popular free open-source test utility and framework that checks Web-enabled applications (HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC) and email systems (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) for functionality, scalability, performance and reliability. TestMaker 4.0 is available for free download immediately at http://www.pushtotest.com.

    TestMaker's goal is to be the ideal J2EE test environment by providing client-side protocol support of J2EE's APIs. For example, when testing an application written in Enterprise Beans that provides a customer registration page through a browser and sends a confirming email message to the new customer, then TestMaker drives the registration page through HTTP protocols and receives and validates the email message using POP3 or IMAP protocols. As J2EE evolves, TestMaker will add new protocols.

    TestMaker 4.0's new Recorder feature makes it easy to create test scripts by watching and recording your interactions with a J2EE browser-based application. The resulting test agent performs a transactions-per-second test of the J2EE-based application. The recorded test may also be used to conduct unit and functional tests, and be put into service as a quality-of-service monitor.

    The use of a friendly scripting environment, easy graphical interface and test agent framework makes TestMaker a good solution for businesses that need to leverage and combine the work of software developers, QA technicians and IT managers to conduct functional unit testing, stress testing, regression testing and service monitoring

    TestMaker 4.0 includes these improvements:

    * Recorder: The recorder watches your use of a Web browser and writes a complete test agent automatically.

    * Live Charts and Meters: Visualize test results in graphical line, bar and pie charts.

    * New Graphical Environment: A faster editor, integrated file explorer, efficient drop-down menus, and more preference settings make TestMaker 4.0 even easier to use.

    * Syntax Highlighting: The new editor shows script commands in special highlighted type.

    * Easy File System Explorer: Quickly navigate to test agent files.

    * On-line Help System: Instant access to all documentation.

    * Auto-update Check: Tells you when new updates to TestMaker are available.

    TestMaker 4.0 is available for free download immediately from the PushToTest web site at http://www.pushtotest.com/ptt.

    About PushToTest

    PushToTest maintains TestMaker, a free open-source utility for building intelligent test agents to check Web Services for scalability, performance and functionality. PushToTest Global Services customizes TestMaker to an enterprise's specific needs, conducts scalability and performance tests, and trains enterprise developers, QA technicians and IT managers on how to use the test environment for themselves. This unique business approach delivers inexpensive solutions, expert insight and immediate answers.
  2. Looks promising[ Go to top ]

    Just downloaded the product. Looks promising, but I was not able to make Agent Recorder working. I will try to use the product anyway, but Agent Recorder could greatly simplify and reduce learning curve.
  3. Looks promising[ Go to top ]

    I have been using Disel Test happily to generate load. Nice recorder.

    Also dbMonster to generate data.

  4. Looks promising[ Go to top ]

    Hi Vic,

      I googled on disel test, and couldn't find anything. Did you spell that correctly?
  5. Diesel Test URL[ Go to top ]

  6. Any more intersting tools[ Go to top ]

    tried out diesel test its good ..
    really hard to beleive it as an opensource..
    Any more tools to try out
    Jmeter is quite ok for small scale projs
  7. I ran into the same problem with the HTML Recorder Agent...

    When you run the HTML Recorder Agent, TestMaker starts a proxy service for you and you're supposed to redirect your browser to use this proxy (this is how it monitors all the HTTP traffic). The default port for this proxy service is 8090.

    I ran TCPVIEW and noticed that I had another app (JBoss/Jetty) which was already using this port. When there's a conflict, TestMaker doesn't give you an error message or anything, it just fails to start the HTML Recorder Agent.

    Change the preferences (Help | Preferences) for the agent to be a different port (I used 8099), then restart TestMaker and things should work (they did for me).

    Seems like a pretty promising product...
  8. I discovered and resolved the port conflict initially and restarted TestMaker, but still without success.
    Although I used provided examples and was able to create some tests for our project pretty quickly.
  9. My apologies. Recording Agent works fine! I was stupid enough to try to use it like Axis’s Monitor, and not as a true proxy server. Everything went fine as soon as I told browser to use proxy server.

    Do not see much need for any plugins, but if somebody would be willing to create one I hope it will NOT be Eclipse specific. Lets promote WORA principle.
  10. Hope there will be an eclipse plug-in soon