Best IDE to use with Borland Enterprise Server


General J2EE: Best IDE to use with Borland Enterprise Server

  1. Hi, hope I'm in the right forum...

    My company is starting a brand new J2EE project using Borland Enterprise Server 5.2 as the application server. We traditionally use Eclipse as the IDE of choice for our Java developments and have experience with it. However, I heard about tight JBuilder/Enterprise Server integration, so I wonder which IDE would be best suited for us (we have no experience in using JBuilder).

    Has any of you experience with Eclipse under Enterprise Server? Is the deployment process much more easy with JBuilder?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Yours,

  2. Borland Enterprise Server (BES) is an excellent implementation of a J2EE provider. The BES console makes deployment and clustering management a breeze, add JBuilder and you'll have a great working environment.

    Of course, JBuilder and BES are Borland products; therefore, they offer the best integration suit. JBuilder and BES integration have evolved with time, so development, testing and deployment are mature compared with other IDE/App server combos. Borland and BEA have been working together lately to achieve this level of integration as well.

    For example, JBuilder has a visual EJB designer with wizards; the designer would help create the EJBs with specific features of the application server. But, at the same time adhere with J2EE specification, thus not getting trapped with proprietary code.

    Also, JBuilder is safe to use because or it's "open" nature of integrating with other application servers, true definition of "Best of Breed" software.

    I'm not a Borland employee, just a happy customer for over 10 years...