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XML & Web services: UDDI as the mechanism for Publishing Webservices

  1. We are looking to use UDDI as the mechanism for publish webservices within our organization. However, there are certain concerns with our team/groups regarding the use of UDDI and how viable it is for publishing webservices.

    Wanted to take a poll from the readers to see if
    1) Are there any "real" world sites using UDDI to publish webservices ? I have seen the ibm uddi registry..but looking for an organization link that has implemented UDDI.

    2) Would like to get feedback for anyone in the serverside discussion groups who have successfully implemented UDDI within their organizations e.g case studies..etc

    Thanks much !
    Sunil .K
  2. Hi Sunil,
    Systinets' WASP UDDI is a secure, platform-independent UDDI registry service designed for private use within an enterprise or between trusted parties.

    We cooperate with number of companies that implemented and incorporated our UDDI server into their business solution.

    One of the examples is here.
    Picture Services Network, Inc. announced the selection of Systinet Corporation to provide its Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry for the PSN Directory Service. The PSN Directory Service provides a cost-effective means for any camera manufacturer, photofinishing company, or online photo service to make it easy for their customers to find, access or use digital photography services.

    See full article here

    WASP UDDI overview

    See WASP UDDI Forums for other qestions.

    Jaroslav Brazda
    Senior Engineer, Systinet

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    eMail: jaroslav dot brazda at systinet dot com
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  3. Have you looked at ebXML registry/repository? I have seen discussion in the industry that you can do much more using a ebxml reg/rep than UDDI. There is some things that are better done with ebxml and cannot be done UDDI. The specific details I am not aware of, but I can get you in touch with experts (if you provide me ur email address)

    ebxml reg/rep is also available on sourceforge.

    On the UDDI front: There are open source UDDI implementations like jUDDI, UDDI Browser, Novell Open Source UDDI Registry, UDDI4J etc. Sun provides JAXR API to access XML registry.

    Look at the problem domain and decide UDDI or ebxml reg/rep.