Hapner: Web services must start delivering


News: Hapner: Web services must start delivering

  1. At last week's EEMA conference in Prague, J2EE 1.4 spec lead and Chief Web Services strategist Mark Hapner said: "The biggest obstacle we face is [user organisations] not seeing incremental improvements in businesses as they incrementally increase their investments in [Web Services] technology."

    Web services must start delivering, says Sun

    A sober warning to people who are too quick to jump on the band wagon. :)
  2. Here! How real people doing it. Sun needs to speed-up JWSDP to catch-up. In Java there is no single implementation of webservice "plumbing", a lot of people tends to do trial and error if what is the best out there.
  3. Real problem[ Go to top ]

    This is not a real problem.
    There is a lot of Applications Servers out there too.
    The problem is standard support and interoperability.
    Why are creating all these standards, WSDL, etc, if nobody supports them.
    Ever try to interoperate with .Net?