XpoLog Log Remote Monitoring Tool Released


News: XpoLog Log Remote Monitoring Tool Released

  1. XpoLog is a debug server that enables data view and analysis over any log and configuration file.
    XpoLog is a new product delivering the full solution for working over log files supplying a quality and efficient support and debug tool.

    Working with log files can be a difficult task, Thousands of lines from which you need to get the specific data you need to resolve a problem.
    When the system produces Megs of logs and files are cycling and changing, debugging is twice as harder task.

    XpoLog solve this problem and much more it gives you a graphical web view of the log and configuration file and a many other features to efficiently analyze data.

    Some of XpoLog features:

    - Graphical log view using your browser.
    - Tail - real time view of changing logs on your browser over the network.
    - Merge several log to one view and detect transactional problems in your system.
    - Search engine on your logs.
    - Data customization and coloring.
    - Sorting over log columns
    - Strings, dates and priorities filters.
    - One server can observe files all over the network.
    - Exporting and importing files via email as Zip files.
    - Integration to external system such as Tomcat and log4j.

    There are more.

    We invite you to our web site to download a free trial and enjoy it yourself.

    We are at http://www.xpolog.com.

    For any assistance in configuring and using XpoLog our support team will be more then happy to assist.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards and enjoyable use

    Koschitzky Haim
  2. Alternatives ?[ Go to top ]

    Any open source alternatives on this product ? on source forge I can find the following two java log file projects:

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/lofimo/ - LoFiMo - Log File Monitor
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/jxla/ - Java XML Log Analyser

    (all other java log analyzers on sourceforge are in pre-beta status or so).

    How are you doing log file analysis ?
  3. This is VERY COOl!!!!!!!!!!! well done.....
    Any chance you have built in support for analyzing:
    1) weblogic server logs
    2) access.log like -> http://www.quest.com/funnel_web/analyzer/
    3) gc logs like -> http://www.tagtraum.com/ and or other JVM relating log parsings like http://h21007.www2.hp.com/dspp/files/unprotected/Java/07_05Tools_OtherTools.pdf