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    I'm currently researching on different Portal products offered by vendors. I was wondering if anyone has used any of the below named products, and what are some of the experiences/headaches that you went through. Please share any thoughts on these: (*Note: the ones with X are the ones that I'm seriously thinking about implementing.)

      1. Apache Software Foundation - JetSpeed
    X 2. BEA - WebLogic Portal
      3. Computer Associates - CleverPath
      4. Hummingbird - Hummingbird Portal
      5. IBM - WebSphere Portal
      6. Novell/Silverstream - Novell Portal Services
      7. Oracle - Oracle9iAS Portal
    X 8. Plumtree - Plumtree Corporate Portal
      9. SAP/TopTier - mySAP Enterprise Portal
      10. Sun - Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE)
      11. Sybase - Enterprise Portal/Application Edition
      12. TIBCO - TIBCO ActiveEnterprise
      13. Viador - BI Portal
    X 14. Vignette/Epicentric - Vignette Application Portal

    I will follow-up with a post on my findings in a future post. Thanks in advance.
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    I have looked at couple of those and worked extensively with bea portal on three projects. I have looked at tibco portal and i would say its very very propritory tecnology. I like bea portal. The advantage is that its easily extensible and leverages j2ee framework of technologies. The con is that its been changing soo fast that its been tough keeping up.
    That's my two cents!
  3. I've worked extensively with Vignette ever since it was Epicentric 3.5. It's a nice framework, has a good API and an abstract file system available for caching stuff, and comes with a nice little content management system. The latest version runs on WebLogic 8.1.

    I haven't investigated it fully in the new release (4.5, which just came out), but traditionally the problem with Vignette has been the way it's deployed--as a single giant exploded WAR file. When you create portlets and deploy them, you add them to the ever-growing web app, JSPs, classes, JARs, and all.

    The architecture problem comes about when you start having JAR version conflicts. You lose the nice J2EE class loader modularity between web applications because everything is in the same web app. So if portlet A requires a certain version of Hibernate and portlet B requires a different version, you're out of luck and have to upgrade one of them. And Vignette ships with Xerces, Xalan, and most of the common basic open source Java libraries, so you're stuck with those.

    All told, though, if you have total control over your server, this is not an insurmountable problem. Can't speak to the architecture for other portals too much.