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    I've used Sun Blueprints for a year but never used Struts.

    I'd like to know the different between Struts and Sun Blueprints.

    I read discussion in some web forums, many people says Struts is used for small web app (JSP & Servlet), and Sun Blueprints is used for enterprise web app (JSP, Servlet and EJB). Is this true?

    Because the most projects of mine need to use EJB (need transaction and security control).
  2. There's nothing about Struts that prevents it from using EJBs. I've in fact done it several times successfully. Using a service-oriented interface (via SessionBeans), the Struts actions can utilize these interfaces like any other J2EE clients.

    Struts works quite well with EJBs.

  3. Struts is the VC part of MVC (Model-View-Controller). It handles the web-tier.

    It works well with EJBs. Struts Action classes can call Delegate classes which in turn can call Session EJB classes.

    You can still use transactions and security with Struts.

    Struts is actually more useful as the number of views (jsp pages) increases.