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    The Jakarta Struts team has released version 1.1 Final. Some of the features of 1.1 are: Multiple Sub-applications, DynaBean and BeanUtils, Declarative Exception Handling, Validator part of the core framework, and more.

    See the news on the main Jakarta website:

    See the release notes:

    Read: Struts 1.1: Why should I upgrade?

    Oh boy, new toys :-)

    Julien Dubois.

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  2. Struts 1.1, JSF[ Go to top ]

    Will JavaServer Faces supercede Struts?

    JavaOne 2003: Struts presentation

    JavaOne 2003: Struts, JSF
  3. good Gnus[ Go to top ]

    I was on a project where the only reason the Mgmt would not let us use 1.1 was that it was in beta. At that time, the architects did not push the issue (AFAK) and we were stuck with 1.0. No tiles, not nested form elements. Sad day.

    So now "The men who hold high places [can] be the ones to start" letting us use it.

    Yes I am in a silly mood.

    Great job to the sturts team. If this thing lasts as long as 1.0, at least we'll have a really really solid framework upon which to build.
  4. Struts Framework 1.1[ Go to top ]

    Verssion 1.0 lacked may features which are now avilable in version 1.1. Good 2 see final 1.1 version after a long time
  5. Good work done by the apache group[ Go to top ]

    Felling very happy that at last struts1.1 is released.
    now we can use the latest features wihch were lacking in 1.0.2.
    once again good job done bye the Apache Group.
    Padmanabh Murthy
  6. Great to see Struts 1.1[ Go to top ]

    it is nice to see Struts 1.1 as it has so many features which were not there in struts 1.0
  7. Path-Mapped Actions[ Go to top ]

    From the Article:
    "Both extension-mapped (e.g. *.do) and path-mapped (e.g. /do/*) Actions are supported in Struts 1.0. However, at the time of writing (August 2002), mulitple sub-applications will not work with path-mapped Actions. It is likely this issue will be resolved in the final release of Struts 1.1."

    Any idea if the path-mapped actions have been added?
  8. Struts 1.1 is great[ Go to top ]

    I have used STRUTS in serious projects and I am going to do it again and again.
    Struts + Validator + Tiles makes WEB development a pleasure. I cannot imagine me working with plain JSPs and/or servlets again.

    Many thanks to STRUTS developers!!!

    Maris Orbidans