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    I am new to ejb and application servers, so could anyone enlighten me as to which of the two weblogic and websphere is a better choice.

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    Weblogic has by far superior documentation and support. This will make it alot easier to use and develop against.

    Websphere has really nice integration with their dev env Visual Age

    Both servers are high performance and scalable.
    I would chose Weblogic, but it most likely is a business decision to.
    1.What company does it make more sense to partner up with?
    2. How easy is it to find developers for the platform in your area. If you are on the east coast it is easier to find Webpshere people, if you are on the west coast it is the other way around
    3. etc

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    Is this really true about the east and the west coast. How did you come to this conclusion that web shpere is used more in east coast area and not west.
    Personally speaking, i like Websphere and Visual Age for JAva combination. Thats the best.. Although u might encounter some problems in the start.
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    which one is best among web logic and web sphere??

    how to download and install Websphere??

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    I posted a similar message about a week ago.

    All I can say is that in the last week I've tried very hard to find an answer to your question.

    My instinct was, and still is, that WebLogic is the better product. Comparing Weblogic 5.1 with Websphere 3.02, there's pretty much no contest. Websphere's support is for outdated standards and it appears not to be an open system at all (lots of references on this side to support this!). Supporting IBMs own Java implementation rather than Sun's (open) implementation is a big negative. So overall plenty of reasons for rejecting Websphere.

    However the things I'm reading about Websphere 3.5 (albeit mostly from IBM's site) seem to point to much improved standards support, at least. JSP 1.1, Servlets 2.2 is all good news. And the fact that they say they support the Java SDK 1.2.2 *might* mean they're supporting Sun's implementation rather than their own. The fact that the latest versions of Servlets and JSP are only supported by a service pack I find quite strange though, especially for as recent a release as 3.5.

    Still a couple of issues - the integration with VisualAge is all well and good, but having spoken to people who use VA to test their beans prior to deployment, their feedback isn't good. They've tested successfully in VA only to have lots of problems when they do actually deploy to Websphere.

    Also the deployment process itself, 3.02 didn't conform to standards (XML descriptors), I haven't been able to find out whether 3.5 does yet.

    And I've heard lots about trouble setting the thing up in the first place - I'll want to use IIS as a web server in my development system and the inegration between the two products seems hit-and-miss. And from IBM's own documentation, it looks like WebSphere (3.5) might only run on IBM's supplid web server. A big no-no if its true, but I'd like to confirm this since it sounds unlikely.

    Possibly my last point is that I've been through an evaluation phase of WebLogic and found it completely fit-for-purpose. This is one of the reasons I'd still be tempted to go this route, I think the risk of things falling apart is a lot lower with BEA.

    If there's anyone out there who can shed any light on some of the things I've raised, I'd be grateful too.
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    My personal opinion is to go for weblogic. I have been using it for several months and am pretty happy with it. Although I have no personal experience with WebSphere the place I work for has 2 web Sphere projects on the go and I hear alot of complaints regarding compatibility to specs, configuration and installation nightmares, different vms on VA and WS, sounds like a definet nightmare. This is just an opinion on usablility not actual scalability but I would steer clear of WEb sphere.
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    The choice of an application server is much more complicated that this one is better than that one. There are a lot of parameters that may go into a selection, you may want to read the "Selecting a J2EE Vendor" article in the resource section and figure out what are your main criteria that you wish to evaluate on.