Integration Vendors Speak On IBM's Mid-Market Push


News: Integration Vendors Speak On IBM's Mid-Market Push

  1. Last week, IBM introduced two additional, lower cost Express versions of its middleware products, WebSphere Commerce Express for Web site E-commerce and WebSphere MQ Express, its messaging platform. It had previously announced DB2 Express. The move is making other midrange integration vendors nervous, and is seen largely as a comptetive bid against Microsoft BizTalk server.

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  2. Websphere Business Integration Server Suite (Interchange Server) formally is really the product that should be compared to BizTalk. Its both an EAI and a B2Bi Server. Its pretty new so I just thought I'd bring it up.
  3. WebSphere AS and WebSphere MQ is hardly a solution for
    small companies whatever the price. Even large companies with multiple
    projects that want several small strategic solutions rather than a
    single global solution are hardly going to go for this medium to large
    sized solution.

    As usual I think this is more or a marketing move against MS than
    anything else so I can't see the other vendors getting too worried.

    If you want a strategic solution with a total CoO of under $50k for the
    first three years then use a simple JMS based transport (Sonic MQ, Tibco RV, SpiritWave or even WebSphere MQ) combined with integration components on an "as needed" basis like C24's Integration Objects. With this combination small companies can go from zero to solved in 60 minutes,
    medium and larger problems can still be resolved long before your average
    IBM solution even starts to appear on the same radar scale.

    Try getting an average IT graduate to install and manage WebSphere MQ
    and AS in under a week. Small and medium sized companies or large
    companies with multiple projects need quick simple solution that can be
    integrated in less time that the average PoC. When IBM finally drops
    the complexity as well as the price then the other vendors will get

    IMOHO anyway,

    -John Davies-
  4. Hi John

    WebSphere Business Integration is a suite. It contains WebSphere MQ and WebSphere InterChange Server(WICS) amongst other things. WICS is what I am comparing to Biztalk. Not WMQ and WAS(which are seperate products).

    There is now a release of WBI Express (containing WICS) which is targeted for the SMB market.