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    I would apreciate some help with follwing issues:

    how would one hide the technology being used from the URL in a web application. I am using struts framework, I would like to change http://www.wepapp.com/RegisterAction.do to become http://www.wepapp.com/Register

    2) when using struts do I have to be aware of session validation with every request ?

    How would one controll users from refreshing their browser. wich results in multiple form submission?

    I have an idea about all of these issues but I need to confirm that with you experts.

    Thank you

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    First one would be a simple mapping change in ur web.xml

    Second is NO.

    Third can be achived by couple of techniques,
       1.) Hidden Variables setting by session.
       2.) Mutli-part form submission technique in struts. See the examples of struts

    Hope this helps