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News: Allaire Corporation acquires Kawa IDE

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    WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 6, 2000 – Allaire Corporation (Nasdaq: ALLR), a leading provider of software for companies building their business on the Web, today announced at its Second Annual Allaire Developer’s Conference that it has acquired the critically-acclaimed Kawa Java integrated development environment (IDE) from Tek-Tools, Inc. The deal is valued at $9 million in cash. The acquisition significantly extends Allaire’s visual tool product line and complements the Allaire JRun Java application server.

    With more than 30,000 paid licensees, Kawa is a widely adopted IDE for Java programming. Kawa maintains a cutting-edge position in server-side Java development, and delivers strong support for advanced features such as Enterprise JavaBeans development and remote debugging.

    The addition of Kawa to the Allaire Business Platform gives Allaire the ability to offer customers powerful visual tools for building advanced web applications on the industry-standard J2EE platform. The enterprise development capabilities of Kawa complement Allaire JRun Studio 3.0, which is targeted at JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet development (see Allaire press release dated 6/6/2000).

    "We work with thousands of Java customers, and we hear consistently that building server-side Java applications is still very challenging," said Jeremy Allaire, CTO of Allaire Corporation. "With the acquisition of Kawa, we are now in a position to lower the barrier-to-entry for Java Web application development by focusing on ease-of-use and developer productivity. The acquisition strongly supports our corporate strategy to drive broad adoption of the open Web technologies that are fueling the growth of the new economy."

    Under the terms of the agreement, the entire Kawa engineering team will join Allaire and relocate to Allaire’s Newton, Mass. headquarters. Kawa’s founder, creator and chief architect, Nag Rao, will lead Allaire’s Kawa product team. Kawa will continue to support major Java application servers including BEA Weblogic, Sun Microsystem’s J2EE Reference Implementation, and Allaire JRun.

    "We are excited to join forces with Allaire because of their proven track record in the Java market," said Nag Rao. "Allaire is committed to Kawa’s founding vision, and together we will be in a stronger position to deliver a highly-productive, open IDE for enterprise Java development. With the backing of Allaire’s strong global organization, we will be able to serve our customers better and continue to provide value and innovation to Kawa users."

    About Kawa

    Kawa is a complete integrated development environment for building applications using the technologies defined in Sun Microsystems J2EE specification. Kawa is compatible with all versions of Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit (JDK), and it works with the major Java application servers including BEA Weblogic, Sun Microsystem’s J2EE Reference Implementation, and Allaire JRun. Kawa features include class browsing, syntax coloring with project management, context sensitive JDK help and a powerful debugger.

    About Tek-Tools, Inc.

    Tek-Tools is a leading provider of Java development tools that enhance interaction between customers, managers and developers by anticipating companies’ needs and offering solid solutions. Founded in 1993, Tek-Tools, Inc., well known in Java and XML development circles, can be found on the Web at

    About Allaire JRun Server

    Allaire JRun Server is a complete Java application server for deploying enterprise and e-commerce applications. Focused on ease of use, JRun provides a complete J2EE implementation based on a clean design that avoids the overhead of legacy technologies and a modular architecture. JRun Server is available in Enterprise, Professional and Developer Editions. Pricing and upgrade information can be found on the Allaire Web site at

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    Another app server vendor buys a IDE vendor. It is definitely the trend in this space to get IDE and App Server from a single vendor. IBM and BEA have gone down this path, IBM with VAJ and BEA with Cafe, Oracle licensed jbuilder and Microsoft have their Visual suite of tools. BEA previously bought a workflow product and also have a JMS product. I'm wondering when we will see Database+EJB+JMS+Workflow+IDE from single vendors. Less and less flexible but more integrated, IBM (DB2, WAS, MQ, MQWF, VAJ) and Microsoft (SQLS, .NET, MSMQ, ???, VC/VB) are already doing this (MS aren't EJB of course but COM+/.net), BEA need a database and Oracle needs a workflow system. It appears that J2EE or not, our choices for pick and choose may soon be limited by bundle pricing/licensing or integration/development environment issues.