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    "I am having a problem with line break.
    In my code(at jsp) I have placed "\n" for line break.It is running perfectly when it is editplus(text editor),but when I am runing the same program in notepad,it is not giving line break,but showing a empty box.
    Can u tell me how to overcome this.
    Thanking you in advance
    Supraja CKM"

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  2. You are suffering from the differences in line breaks in the Unix (LF) and Windows (CRLF). Open your results in Wordpad (or MS Word) rather than Notepad.

    There is pretty much no way around this probably in your JSP. You can either have Unix compatibility ("\n") or Windows compatibility ("\r\n"). Since Unix compatiblity only messes up primitive apps like notepad, I would stick with that.
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    Paul I overcame this problem by using PrintStream.println().You are telling me
    in the terms of OS.Might be by posting of question is not much clear.Anyway thanks for your response