Enough of the video interviews please


TSS feedback: Enough of the video interviews please

  1. Enough of the video interviews please (2 messages)

    Can we please have transcriptions of these. I want to be able to read an discuss the ideas these people are comming out with without the baggage of video footage.

  2. I actually like the videos...it's a nice way to take a break from reading documents all day. The text version of the response is there if you don't want to disturb your cubicle mate, although I agree that it is not in a "printer friendly" format. Maybe another link to a printer-friendly version could be made available.
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    We are working on having a nice interface that is both video and text. We want to keep the video side of thing because it is "different", and some people really like to just sit back and see/listen to these guys. However, I totally understand the need to have a nice text based transcription.

    It's coming.