The Jahia community is proud to announce the beta 1 of the Jahia Content Management and Portal Server. The Jahia software is 100% Java based and is released under a collaborative source license (contribute or pay paradigm). The full source code and some easy to install demo editions are freely available for download on the product community web site: A demo edition may also be directly tried online.

Jahia 4.0 Beta 1 features:
- Easy to install package
- Easy to use interface
- Pre-integrated CMS and Portal Server
- Full Multilanguage support
- Full internationalization support
- Content Versioning support
- Content Locking
- Staging and Workflow capabilities
- Full support of JSTL or Struts taglibs to ease template development
- Native support of standard servlets as portlets
And a lot more other new features. Please check the Readme file to get more information.