JOFFAD 1.0 has been released


News: JOFFAD 1.0 has been released

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    SCUB has released under LPGPL licence the first release of JOFFAD. Java Open Framework For Application Development is a generic development framework to facilitate, speed up, and normalize Java projects using JOnAS's J2EE application server.

    JOFFAD 1.0 has been released under an LGPL licence. It has been developed by SCUB for his internal use and we decided to share it with the community because it was really a great help for us.

    It is composed of:
    - a generic and reusable directory structure
    - configuration files to setup your project
    - a generic ant script to compile, generate, package, deploy, run sql...


    Main site:

    Download the software

    A sample project has also been released to help people understand and try joffad.
    It can be downloaded at:
    The construction process of this sample project has been detailed in an article
    you can read at
    It is the first shot of this article, the final release will be available by the end
    of the month.
    I made a presentation of our tool at the libre software meeting in Metz thanks
    to Guillaume RIVIERE from INRIA.

    You can download the Open Impress file it at:

    Congratulations to everybody who worked on it and have fun with joffad!
  2. Up until today I would have chosen LGPL for such a project, however now I have doubts: