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    Hi there!I am running Jboss bundled with tomcat(with WinXP).My problem is that i want to pass some parameters for my webapp to tomcat with CATALINA_OPTS.When i run tomcat as standalone,everything was quite easy!But now jboss does not let me.(i have to use JBoss because i want to deploy some EJBs).The solution with the environment variable does not work!Are there an suggestions?thanx very much for your interest

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    use the deployment descriptor for a web application, web.xml
    that its descriptor tags can be referenced from servlet spec document.

     maybe, <context-param> or <env-entry> tags can be applicable.

      ---- servlet 2.3 fcs spec pdf (from sun )----

    The web-app element is the root of the deployment descriptor for
    a web application.
    <!ELEMENT web-app (icon?, display-name?, description?,
    distributable?, context-param*, filter*, filter-mapping*,
    listener*, servlet*, servlet-mapping*, session-config?, mimemapping*,
    welcome-file-list?, error-page*, taglib*, resourceenv-
    ref*, resource-ref*, security-constraint*, login-config?,
    security-role*, env-entry*, ejb-ref*, ejb-local-ref*)>

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    I finally managed to do it.Not with xml tags,just editing the run.bat of JBoss!Anyway,thanx a lot for your interest :)