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    Hello TSS team,

    I think, I need a notification service through email. So, I don't have to check everytime, whether someone writes an answer to the threads I watch.

    To implement this is actually quite simple ;-) Just check the discussion forum of OpenUSS. I implemented this with MDB without problem.

    Lofi Dewanto.

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  2. Email Integration on the way[ Go to top ]

    Hi Lofi -

    Email integration is on the list for this qtr, so you should see it soon.
    I will checkout the code that you use for sure ;)

    We are also toying with using RSS, and a RSS2email system for this.

  3. Great![ Go to top ]

    Great Dion! TSS is my favorite and the best for J2EE stuffs, nice work! I cannot wait to see the notification ;-)

    Thanx and keep up the good work!