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    Pramati has released free new visualization tool called DesignViewer. The product creates visual a representation depicts all types of J2EE elements, their inter-relationships and metadata, captured from standard deployment descriptors, J2EE source code and packaged ears. The tool is useful for understanding the design of existing apps.

    Checkout Pramati DesignViewer 1.0 (beta).

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  2. Export filters?[ Go to top ]

    I assumed it would be possible to export the model into some sort of XML schema like XMI, but I couldn't find out how to do this. Is it possible in the beta?
  3. Exporet Filters?[ Go to top ]

    Unless a tool like this supports standard XMI type of schema ,It will remain proprietary and would create developer lock-in to one IDE without freedom. The support for such standards seems to be much better and organised with UML modeling tools like Rational ,Borland(TJ),NoMagic...
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    <>Pramati has released free new visualization tool called DesignViewer<>

    Do I need to buy Pramati studio for $995 to use this free tool or can I plug-in with anyother J2EE IDE that we already use including Opensource ones.

  5. Design Viewer[ Go to top ]

    You can use the Design Viewer independently also.

    The following files are directly be opened by the Design Viewer
    Open archives (ear, jar, war).
    Open archive with and without source.

  6. Design Viewer[ Go to top ]

    You do not have to use the Studio for working with the DesignViewer.
    You can directly start working with it using the application and enterpise archives.

    Download :
  7. Export filters?[ Go to top ]

    Yes, we would provide saving the model as an XML file. One of the beta
    updates coming soon will have it. We are not certain at this point about
    XMI. The schema of the saved model will be open.

  8. Problem with DesignViewer[ Go to top ]

    It has a problem with large ear files. For this particular ear file I use it requires 480 Mb just to show it. Scrolling is a pain and saving it as a jpeg file is impossible because the program simply hangs. I have used DesignViewer with -Xmx1500Mb on a heavy SUN server with 2.5 Gb memory.
  9. Problem with DesignViewer[ Go to top ]

    Watz the size of ur ear file?
  10. Problem with DesignViewer[ Go to top ]

    6.7 Mb. Lars
  11. Problem with DesignViewer[ Go to top ]

    I opened ear of size around 4mb and it contains 800 components(including jsps, servlets, htmls, ejbs). scrolling is little slow. i could save it as image.

    how many files do u have in ur ear?

    when u r saving it as image, is it taking more cpu?

  12. Problem with DesignViewer[ Go to top ]

    Number of classes: 4876. No source, few JSP, 18 EJBs. Lars
  13. Lars,
    Are you providing the sources when opening the ear? A lot of source code parsing happens behind the scenes to get more information about your application. Information gathered from the parsing stage would be loaded into imn-memory structures. Additionally, we would be traversing all these structures to identify the links between various components. This means that for large applications the memory and CPU requirements would be proportionally higher. If your application has a lot of JSPs having multiple links, the Viewer would take time before you see the output.
    We have tested the Viewer with large applications, 700+ JSPs and about 30 EJBS (without sources), on a 256mB machine.
    It opened the application in about 12mins.