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    A David Dixon has posted a "This is pretty amazing........" message in the General J2EE forum. Its a stupid money making scam and should be deleted.

    by the by, since i am here, want to say that i get more n more addicted to this site every day - great job guys!


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      Great that you are enjoying knowledge bank on theserverside. This site has a feature wherein you can mark posting as noisy. if you check detail thread page you will see that on the bottom of all the posting there is an option saying "mark as noisy". Once that is done, the posting is not visible to other members.

    You can try doing this on this same message.

    Hopw this helps.
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    hi chetan,
    if the thread is the first one, it cant be marked as noisy. Check it out - the root thread has only one option i.e. reply. I am sure there's some reason for that.
    But the nice guys at the server side have deleted that msg.. :)

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    Hi guys -

    We did see the message and nuked it. Sad that people do this kinda thing.
    Thanks for passing on the info.