94% increase in JSP deployments since July 2002


News: 94% increase in JSP deployments since July 2002

  1. 94% increase in JSP deployments since July 2002 (7 messages)

    Reviewing the growth over the past year since July 2002, Netcraft recently revealed that JSP continues to enjoy fast growth with a 94% increase in ip addresses running JSP based sites to over 44,000 ip addresses running some 105,000 active sites. Also interesting stats on operating systems that JSP sites use: 40% Linux, 26% Windows, and 17% Solaris.

    Read JSP continues fast growth, on a surprisingly diverse set of operating systems.

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  2. Good for Java - bad for SUN[ Go to top ]

    But no surprise.

    Just as SUN in the late 80's and early 90's was the hot stuff
    pushed be young people into the IT departments, then today the
    young people push Linux and Windows.

    BTW - it is worth noting that JSP is still far behind PHP
    and ASP measured in sites.

    A JSP site will at average though represent far more
    application logic than an ASP or PHP site.
  3. Good for Java - bad for SUN[ Go to top ]

    Due to various other technologies (e.g. content management systems, portal servers or even just front servlets) the app may be built with ASP or JSP page assembly, yet show no outward sign of it (e.g. no URL that ends with .asp* or .jsp, and no indication in the HTML).


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  4. I wounder why people say php is fast,asp is fast don't the people see power behind the jsp i-e state of the art Java Technology i was thank full to Java that it provide me a power of Java behind the Jsp, i am free to use threads, free to call Ejbs from my regular jsp beans, is't that the power??????

    i am not against Php or Asp i have work alot with Php and it is very fast and easy to use with its builtin functions and pre written modules but i miss jsp when i need to process a heavy data behind the seen, in jsp i am free to use threads from my beans and giving control back to browser last time i was designing a web base application using Php for one of my clients and the application need to process millions of records at specific alert,know what application gone crach after doing processing of records in the figure of thousend even i exceed the timeout of my webserver there are bad fatol errors which is not indeed in Jsp.

    In short i need to give a one very simple message to friends that not a speed counts in every thing there are lot more issues like biggest and greates are scallablity that java provides.

  5. If you compare the JSP technology (by itself) with VS+ASP.net, I think you would come to a different conclusion. That is to say that "out of the box", Microsoft has a better development through deployment model. But JSP isn't a product (like VS+ASP.net), it's a technology standard, and there are hundreds of implementations, tools, servers, libraries, etc., and that is where the real power comes from. If you're looking for simple and quick, ASP.net isn't bad (although it is proprietary lock-in), but JSP is definitely a safer bet for big & complicated projects. As for PHP, it's even less expensive and easier for most things (e.g. even the $7/mo hosting providers provide PHP support), so on the simple and quick projects, it's a pretty good choice.


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  6. how do they measure?[ Go to top ]

    If they are simply going by .asp or .jsp extensions, then that measurement is totally invalid. We are doing TONS of JSP's, but because we forward to them through a servlet, there is no .jsp extention. We usually use .html. Hopefully they took that into account.

  7. how do they measure?[ Go to top ]

    I wonder if they count all the sites with extension '.do' :-)
  8. how do they measure?[ Go to top ]

    I'm also curious about how they measure the number of sites.

    For example, do they just look for a mod_jk (et. al) tag being reported by Apache? Some web servers could just have the module installed and not used.

    An example of this would be a number of hosting companies offering JSP 'out of the box' through their control panel software (like Ensim). Of these hosts, how many of their customers are actually running JSP? Probably not that many, since I still think that providing JSP hosting is a specialized niche that requires specific support skills.

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