how to deploy a bean into the remote server from remote client


EJB design: how to deploy a bean into the remote server from remote client

  1. hai everybody,

    if i want to deploy my bean in a remote host(i.e server) and all clients connected to that server can use this bean .
    is it possible with weblogic 5.1.0? if yes , then you tell me the steps i should take to do that.

    with regards
  2. Hi!

    We can hot deploy an EJB into a remote server. And the instance of this Hot deployed EJB word survive only for this copy of the Web Logic Server, meaning to say that neither the EJB would be registered into the Weblogic property file nor the jar file in the myserver directory. Hence during the process of hot deployment the remote server will only hold the instance of the EJB.

    Steps for hot deployment.

    1.Invoke the EJB Deployer Tool.
    2.Open the EJB that you wish to Deploy on a remote server.
    3.Now, we see a Node called Servers in the Deployer Tree, Click on this node.
    4.Now we see a new Panel on the right side of the Split Pane, Click on the Add button in this new Panel. A list of details like Name, Protocol, Host, Listen Port, and system password is seen, Fill in the pertaining details with respect to the remote server.
    5.And now the process of deployment can be carried on normal, and the deployment happens on that remote server that has been just specified.

    Note – For a permanent deployment to happen on the remote Weblogic server, necessary interfaces has to be provided through and Applet or Servlet on the remote Server.

  3. How to create an interface like applet or servlet to do remote deployment permanently from the remote client?