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    I'm reading "Mastering EJB" and it says "The EJB specification does not require that handles have the ability to be saved in one environment and then restored in a different environment. This means handles are not guaranteed to be portable across EJB containers, nor across machines."

    I couldn't understand what it meant. My interpretation is that if we save a handle, say, in machine A and then pass it over to machine B, and then if we try to use it from machine B, it doesn't work.
    If my understanding is correct, can someone please tell me why it is so?
    Or, please let me know what it means in the first place?


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    It is not portable between appserver to appserver
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    Handles are not portable across application servers of different vendors because the mechanism used to reconnect to the EJB is not defined in the J2EE specification. The vendors use their own mechanism, hence compatibility between two servers of different vendors is not guarnteed.

     Such a requirement can arise only for stateful session beans (for others a new instance will do). But such requirements can always be worked around so that there is no necessity to pass the handle to another application server.