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    Any suggestions on a complete development environment for J2EE. I'm looking for a IDE that allows me to graphically build J2EE Applications utilizing JSP, ect....

    Thanks for any advice

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    I love Netbeans. You can use DreamWeaver for Look and feel and then copy it to JPS page.
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    Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any environment that allows end-to-end development (JBuilder, ect.). Being a novice, it appears that the use of JSP's and the ability to develop and deploy JSPs without coding hasn't arrived yet.

    Looking for somthing like PowerBuilder or Silverstream Classic for J2EE, specifically the ability to put the UI together consising of JSPs.

    Thanks again for taking time to reply and support...
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    Provide the JSP GUI Development I'm looking for???
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    Then the best I can think of is WebSphere Studio. It will help in making good look and feel as well as do JSP, EJB stuff etc.

    Do not consider this as a best option. Wait for other people to reply on this issue.
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    But if you are comfortable with Jbuilder then I would suggest you to go with it.
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    Appreciate the support...