Segue Releases SilkPerformer 6.0 with enhanced J2EE support


News: Segue Releases SilkPerformer 6.0 with enhanced J2EE support

  1. Segue Software has released v6 of its enterprise-class load and stress testing tool, SilkPerformer. The new version now allows users to test the functionality, interoperability, and performance of EJBs, Web services, and Java RMI objects under concurrent access -- even before client applications have been built.

    Check out SilkPerformer 6 and the Read press release.

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  2. Segue ("seg-way") SilkPerformer was the first load tester I ever used ... back in 2000 I think. It was expensive (all the commercial ones seem to be expensive) but it was really handy (once we figured out how to get it working). We were able to accurately predict (almost to the user) how many users a certain configuration of a certain application would support, and had fairly accurate models to predict the scalability as well. At the time, it was the only one that would record Java applet communications, IIRC, so it was our default choice for this particular app. Like I said, very useful, but a bit expensive.


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        For the first time in a long time, I disagree with you. Segue software is not stable and crashes a lot. Run a simple test that does a System Time printout before and after a Java transaction, and you will see that SilkPerformer is slower to measure these times as it simulates it within a script.
        Although Segue software will still give you a general idea on how well your application is performing, it is not accurate and that is because it was architected in poor Java code by poor Java developers.
        Mercury Interactive's and Rational's QA tools are far superior and do not fail in the areas that Segue's do. This is why Segue's revenues are about as much as the corner store down the street, and the other two are giants. Besides, since IBM decides when and where Segue goes and IBM also bought Rational, don't you think that the end of Segue is near? Of course it is...

  4. Hope Rational will catch up[ Go to top ]

    I started using WebSphere 3 years ago when everyone was with WebLogic. Now it seems a good decision(in terms of market value). Recently I picked up Rational Robot when most of people are with LoadRunner. Hope same thing will happen again. I never think IBM stuff is good, just happen to work in compaines favour IBM. Anyway, does the tools matter?

  5. Huh[ Go to top ]

       I don't understand your point. You said that you were using WebSphere when everybody else was using WebLogic, and that in retrospect you made the "right" decision. But, WebLogic is used by a massive chunk of the industry, and is not exactly a poor competitor to IBM's Websphere.
        Now you are saying that you hope that Rational Robot overtakes LoadRunner for the same reason --- what reason? To prove that you are always right in retrospect and therefore should be afforded some respect from thinking in hindsight?
        And then you end off by discrediting your entire argument by saying that tools don't matter at all.
        JiRong, do you have Multiple-Personality-Disorder?