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    Dear all,

    Just wonder, what is the best practise to let EJB performing batch job
    and batch printing.

    In a typical enterprise environment (eg: bank), at the end of the day,
    some jobs need to be executed (eg: calculate interest) and printing
    day end report.

    Appreciate if you know any of these solution and share it with us.

    Thank You

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    FastLaneReader is the best design pattern.
    Put you r query in DAO from where it directly fetches data from database.
    This DAO is called from session bean.This is the basic logic in this pattern.

    Brief Description abt that is

    Brief Description

    Sometimes applications access data in a tabular fashion, such as when browsing
    a catalog or a list of names or when exporting data in batches for use
    elsewhere. This kind of data access is usually read-only. In such situations,
    using entity beans to represent persistent data incurs overhead and provides
    little benefit. Entity beans are best for coarse-grained access to individual
    business entities, and are not effective for read-only access to large
    quantities of tabular data.
    The Fast Lane Reader design pattern provides a more efficient way to access
    tabular, read-only data. A fast lane reader component directly accesses
    persistent data using JDBCTM components, instead of using entity beans. The
    result is improved performance and less coding, because the component
    represents data in a form that is closer to how the data are used

    and u can try this link
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    Well this is a good question basically EJB solutions are poor at this. When I worked at a bank we had a big printing engine that held its own queue and reported success and error ayschronously to the file system. The of cause you need another batch job to resolve failures.