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    Can anybody suggest me some good questions for test paper and interview for EJB? i need some objective questions for creating a question bank to be used in recruitement process.
    any link, document, suggestions, help, opinions are appreciated.

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    Following are some of the question from my point of view,
    Hope it helps

    Life Cycles of Stateless,Stateful Session Bean
    Difference between Stateless and Stateful Session Bean
    Objective of using narrowMethod
    Difference between EJB1.1 and EJB2.0
    Purpose of Local Interface in EJB2.0
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    Adding to above message

    1) Types of beans
    2) How many types of Persistence Mech
    3) Why CMP and why BMP (Addvantage and Dis Adv)
    4) Where is Transcation maintained (whichc level)
    5) How does EJB-QL works
    6) Diff Between Session and Entity Bean
    7) How does statefull bean works
    8) Have some info on CMR

    If you don`t find answer to these question then post it let me know.

  4. Hi Tim,
    Can you also give answers for your questions leaving aside the most obvious ones, and answering questions like type of persistence mechanisms and use of narrow methods e.t.c.,

    Thanks in Advance.
    Saravana Kumar K
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    Ask the candidate to identify the drawbacks of EJB
  6. Hi, will you please tell me some disadvantages of EJB's and also the benefits of .Net infront of J2EE and EJB's

    with best regards...
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    Thanks for providing the helpful questions !
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    For one programme we have to write Remote & Home Interfcae lot of xml files we have to write its too time consuming process
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    Now days in EJB’s, interviewers are stressing to know about the practical exposure of candidate in EJB applications. For that they used to ask about EJB patterns. So preparing about EJB patterns will be very useful to those who are planning to appear in the interviews.

    Ashish Srivastava

    Daffodil DB Team member