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    Are there people out there with experiences in both that would share with me, reasons which they feel one is is better than other? Or do both have their place?

    I really would appreciate this.
  2. Your question should have been Servlets+Jsp VS
    Simple, there was guitar playing before jimmy hendrix and there was guitar playing after jimmy hendrix....:)

    Seriously speaking I have not worked with but I have actually worked with ASP/VB Script Servlets/JSP. If you don't care about things like design patterns, component work load sharing etc and you really want to deliver simple web applications very quickly and in an cost efective manner ASP or will be good for you. But suppose you want to build another (which is a really a portal for server side programmers), or say a you may need Servlets/JSP and a framework like Struts over Servlets/JSP to effectively analyse,model,create,deliver and subequently miantain such a site.

    So I have found myself making 10-15 page website using ASP and the complicated ones like an Administration Console for my company's Systems Integration platform using Servlets/JSP.

    Of course these are all my opinions and they may be wrong.
  3. I have worked with both technologies although have been working on ASP.Net recently. I would say that with Server side controls and user controls in ASP.Net are very helpful. ASP.Net is more matured than ASP and you can build complex and higly scalable apps using ASP.Net. Although I see that there's lack of MVC implementations available in ASP.Net(similar to Struts in Java world), I'm sure soon there will be MVC frameworks will be avilable in ASP.Net. Recently Microsoft released User Interface Application Block that provides MVC implementation for both Web and Windows applications. I would say that developing apps in ASP.Net is less time consuming compared to SErvlets/JSP model.