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    How can I go about building dynamic web pages using Struts where in the contents of my page would come from a database? i.e. The contents of the page (the text boxes, radios, buttons etc. their labels, validations required on them; need to be picked up from the database.

    I looked at DynaActionForm but it would only help if I know the form contents while deploying.

    Any thoughts?

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    I suppose you could include some PHP (or similar script) that would access the DB and echo out the form contents as necessary.

    But I do have concerns about the architecture your question implies. Can you tell us why you are considering putting the UI definition in a DB?
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    Thanks Mitchell.
    An admin user can create process flows on the fly (without any code) by mentioning the fields he wants on a screen, the number of screens etc..etc...
    Now these processes when used, should be able to create jsp pages based on the information defined by the admin.
    What about the architecture concerns you and why?
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    I just had a general concern (or at least curiosity) as to why the presentation layer should be so closely tied to a DB server.