Which is fast ; jsp-bean-EJB or html-servlet-EJB


EJB design: Which is fast ; jsp-bean-EJB or html-servlet-EJB

  1. Which is fast ; jsp-bean-EJB or html-servlet-EJB (4 messages)

    I want to know which is faster and efficient to use whether it is jsp-bean-ejb or the html-servlet-ejb.

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  2. It's my understanding that JSPs are compiled down to servlets the first time that they are run, so there isn't really much of a difference. It would probably depend on how efficiently your JSPs accessed the java beans, but there isn't much of a diffence once the JSP has been compiled.

    JSPs offer you the ability to write the web part (View) in mostly HTML, which allows you to do your web work in a common tool or even have a different person do the web work. Servlets must be written entirely in java, so you can't use any tools (HTML tools) or have anyone who doesn't know java do the web pages for your app.
  3. I suggest , better go for JSP-Bean-EJB
  4. As per my opinion Servlest are quiet faster than JSP.
    If you dont believe this try this link, here you will get complete info why servlets are faster than JSP.

  5. Go for jsp-bean-EJB. There is no performance drop at all, the JSPs ARE servlets. The gain you have in code maintainability and clean architecture are much more better than an insignificant performance hit - which basically occurs because of the run-time redirection and not because of any strange JSP "features". You get a more flexible, maintainable and easier to deploy and configure architecture by going for JSP. Imagine yourself maintaining all the HTML in tens of servlets, just because the web designer wants to change the look&feel of some pages. And if you call other templating engines from within your servlet - the performance is guaranteed lower than going for a performant JSP engine such as Resin (www.caucho.com).