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    Hi would appreciate some help with this problem
    project is --a server messaging system--.and reqirements go like this..
    >server should be able to identify it's active clients and send a message
    saying it's gona shutdown.
    >client receives the popped up message and asks for a period of service
    extension and also has the choice to cancel the shutdown process..
    >server receives the time sent ,and shutsdown after a maximum of the time.

    now i've done it partially which still has some drawbacks..
    >using sockets in java,but unable to find the
    no.of active clients,
    >also server program(socket class) at a time sends and receives from a single
    client which is a slow process..
    >also each client(has server socket ) has the program and is running all
    the time..
    >for shutdown used a exe file of win98 exitwindows..
    can i use java itself for messaging or switch to another language
    as visualbasic do let me know as soon as possible..

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    check out JMS. it should solve what u are looking at.

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