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    Hi All,
     I have a confusion in how to do update a particular field of all the instances of a bean. I would really appreciate if anybody can throw some light on it.
     I have a product table and each product has a catagory and discount% among other fields. What I need to do is change the discount% of all the products of a category. I am thinking of having a home business method in the home interface: public void changeDiscount(String category, double newdiscount);
    This method would then fire a query like: update product set discount=? where category=?

    My question is: Is this a valid approach? Can I even specify such a query in the deployment descriptor? If I do that, what would happen to the discount values of the beans that are currently in use?

    If this is not a valid approach, how should I update the discount value for each product?

    thank you.

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    The query mentioned by you is doubtful to work in ejb-ql.
    Instead try out this approach,
    In your Home Interface,write a finder method to find all the products that belong to a particular category.This would return you a Collection of remote/local objects.Then iterate through the Collection and call the setter method for the discount% field.This would update the discount field in all the bean objects.

    snippet would look like:

    public interface ProductHome extends EJBHome
       public Collection findProductsByCategory(String categoryName) throws FinderException
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    Wouldn't that be extremely slow?
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    Thanks, Rajat. But I think it will be terribly slow. Is there a quicker way to do this? If not, long EJB.
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    Even if you are using Entity EJB, you don't have to use them for EVERYTHING. After all, the EJB are just one-of-many possible gateways into your database. Use optimized SQL invoked directly via JDBC for this particular operation, and use Entity EJB for more straightword operations.
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    If you use BMP,your method is ok ,and you can control the way of connection and execution of SQL.You needn't worry about the problem of out-date data,because every invoktion of EJB's method.

    If you use CMP,may be you should consider transformation from CMP to BMP.