I am having trouble deploying struts 1.1 on iPlanet 6.0 SP3 ias


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: I am having trouble deploying struts 1.1 on iPlanet 6.0 SP3 ias

  1. Has anyone successfully deployed a struts 1.1 app to iPlanet 6.0 SP??

    I get this error

    -- error starts here
    Error: 404 SC_NOT_FOUND
    Extension of file not found, while displaying static content "


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    I work for a very large bank. Actually one of the largest credit card issuers in the world. We use iPlanet 6.5 as our application server (we''ll probably be on it for another year or so at least since they move rather slow in upgrading). I can tell you that 6.0 and struts are not very compatible. We do have several smaller internet apps using it successfully on 6.5. Our main internet application (online banking) is currently not struts oriented though that will probably be rewritten either using struts or faces or a combination.
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