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    Dear Friends,

    Myself vismay shah, i know java-servets and now i am trying to learn j2ee technology. i have downloaded j2ee sdk, jdk, tomcat server and related technologies. i know there are site for better help. but i need some basic examples to learn the same as well as to understand the concepts. If anyone can guide me in this regards then please mail me on shahvismay76 at yahoo dot com. or guide me the sites where i can get the basic examples to learn.

    thanking you.

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    If you know Servlets then you have already started learning J2EE. So get your basics straight on what J2EE is (a common misconception is that EJB is not the only J2EE spec)

    I would get my Java Language basics strong before I jump in to J2EE. Download the Sun J2EE tutorial and its got good starter examples. Also try They have code snippets. For learning EJB I would recommend "Mastering EJB by Ed Roman".

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    Dear Friend,

    thanks for your quick reply.

    I have learned the basics of J2ee tech and i know that j2ee includes ejb,xml,jsp and other too. But my problem is that i am not getting any practical oriented examples to learn. only the basics are given on sun site.
    pls guide me accordingly.

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    Try this tutorial.
    It uses Eclipse,JBOSS, Lomboz (J2EE plugin ) and Xdoclet.
    You will be amazed to see what xdoclet can do for you.