Apache Geronimo releases state of the project address


News: Apache Geronimo releases state of the project address

  1. Apache Geronimo releases state of the project address (4 messages)

    The Geronimo project has gotten a lot of attention since it was announced. The team released some information on how it was going in this article. They discuss the difficulties in getting something going on such a project (and with many cooks), and delve into the various subsystems, how they invision they work, and who is working on them.

    The systems range from getting the build system up, to the JMX service foundation, deployment, remote emoting, metadata, and security.

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  2. Switching(?)[ Go to top ]

    We currently use JBoss as the app server for our CMS product, and it works pretty ok. However, we really only use the deployment and datasource support (+Tomcat, but I don't consider that to be a core feature of JBoss as such). If Geronimo gets as good or better support for that - and the project address seems really promising on these points - then we'll probably switch pretty soon. It'll be interesting to follow what happens with this project, and considering that all the right people from CDN is working on it it sure looks good.
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  4. 2.5 MBytes of Code in one Month[ Go to top ]

    From the "state of the project":

    "It has been amazing to see the small code seed we started with grow into a two and a half megabyte source bundle. Even with this massive growth, the code base has remained stable (the build has only been broken a few times)."

    That is a most extraordinary speed of growth. No wonder that normal companies are afraid of Open Source-projects. Good luck to Apache & Geronimo!

  5. No Cathedral Cult, huh...[ Go to top ]

    Not that it is a bad thing, but to deny that there are a core of colaborating engineers in control of the project, many of whom are 'buddies' in one form or another is laughable.

    Look no further than the authors of the article and you'll likely identify most/all of these individuals.

    Every successful project has one or two alpha engineers that drive everything and piss on corners...embrace that.


    John C. Dale