Avalon-Cornerstone 1.0 Components Release


News: Avalon-Cornerstone 1.0 Components Release

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    The Apache Avalon team has released the 1.0 final release of a set of Avalon-Cornerstone components. Cornerstone is a set of services for the Phoenix kernel. The services released are: ConnectionManager, DataSourceSelector, DocumentBuilderFactory, PacketManager, SAXParserFactory, TimeScheduler, SOAPification, SocketManager, Store, and ThreadManager.

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    The Avalon team is proud to announce the 1.0 final releases of several Avalon-Cornerstone components.

    Avalon-Cornerstone (also known as Avalon-Components) is a repository for reusable components built using Avalon-Framework. The components currently being released are primarily oriented at server application development. Included are several components for the management of connections, sockets, datasources and threads, as well as a cron-like scheduling component and a generic object store utility.

    You may get the official releases from the following URL:


    For more information on Avalon-Cornerstone, please see


    For more information on the Apache Avalon project, please see


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    - The Avalon Development Team

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  2. So I'm curious.. outside of the Avalon project, who uses these components and for what? Many other servers provide similar services, scheduling, parsing and so forth. These look nice as far as things go, but I am curious where people are taking advantage of these components?

    Would they make sense to be dropped into pico/nanocontainer? In a web server environment? In an app server environment?

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    I'm not a user, but I've looked at Avalon. It's a generic server framework with some useful components. I know that Cocoon and James (apache projects) use this framework. If you want more info, I recommend you post a message on the mailing list, it's pretty active.