JSR 168 Portlet Specification Second Proposed Final Draft


News: JSR 168 Portlet Specification Second Proposed Final Draft

  1. The Portlet JSR 168 has been updated, and posted in a second Proposed Final Draft form. There are some minor alterations and clarifications (hopefully meaning it is nearly there).


    - RenderResponse.setBufferSize() should be called before a response is written, but it isn't mandatory.

    - Clarified that the query-string params used to obtain a PortletRequestDispatcher have to be aggregated to the current render params.

    - Clarified that the variable created by actionURL, and renderURL taglibs via var="..." must be a String

    Second Portlet Proposed Final Draft and JSR 168 Homepage.

    View TSS Coverage of the first final draft.

    Stefan Hepper and Stephan Hesmer also released their second article on the Portlet API, where they look into some sample portlets, and the RI itself.

    Read: Introducing the Portlet Specification, Part 2

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  2. Where could we download the RI?[ Go to top ]

    The article talks about the RI implementation but there is no link to where we can download it.

    We would would like (the eXo project development team) to use the RI to be sure that our IoC portlet framework a la Struts is portable as we think it is.
  3. Where is the RI?[ Go to top ]

    Where is the friggin RI?? Typical IBM
  4. Jakarta Pluto (??)[ Go to top ]

    Jakarta Pluto project (?)


    http://www.mail-archive.com/general at jakarta dot apache dot org/msg06813.html
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  6. Jakarta Pluto (??)[ Go to top ]

    I thought it was Jetspeed ???
  7. Jakarta Pluto web site[ Go to top ]

  8. blog that mentions JSR-168[ Go to top ]

  9. Pluto charter, Jakarta Jetspeed 2[ Go to top ]

    Pluto charter

    Jetspeed 2

  10. JavaLive transcript[ Go to top ]

    JavaLive transcript about JSR-168