Microsoft in May commissioned Giga to undertake a research project to provide a Total Economic Impact (TEI) business case comparison for developing and deploying custom business applications on Windows and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)/Linux platforms.

Giga was asked to examine the relative benefits of Linux and Windows by comparing the costs incurred and benefits achieved by two sets of organizations: those using Linux as the basis for their applications and those using Microsoft Windows.

Giga, not Microsoft, also decided which applications would be considered in the study, research analyst John Rymer told eWEEK in an interview on Monday.,4149,1258686,00.asp


Is BEA+Oracle the J2EE platform of choice for Linux? We are using Redhat 9 standard (not AS), Eclipse, JBoss and Oracle. If you factored in the costs of this combination you will come up with a lower TEI than the MS solution. What do others think of this study?