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     I am unable to start j2ee server.

    I am getting an error : SET J2EE_HOME TO THE PATH OF YOUR J2SDKEE.

     I tried by setting both J2EE_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables to the directories where i have installed jdk1.2 and j2sdkee1.2.1 in my autoexec.bat file

    statements in my autoexec.bat file are .
     SET JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.2
     SET J2EE_HOME=c:\j2sdkee1.2.1

    After setting when i try to run the server it gives an error saying OUT OF ENVIRONMENT SPACE .

     please help me in getting the solution for the above mentioned problem

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    I think that J2EE is an Architecture, mean that It is Standard for developing Multi tier application using Java language or Distributed application base on Component Architecture (EJB).

    If you would like to develop J2EE application You need an Application Server for example Bea-WebLogic, iPlanet, or IAS.

    after you develop Enterprise Java Bean , you can use the EJB Deployment tool of the Application server to deploy that EJB. From Client application you can Using JNDI service to lookup that EJB and call some business method of that EJB. The Application server then excute (or reused) The EJB to process on the server and return to your application the value of processing.

    Your client code can be Apllet, servlet, JSP page or JavaApplication. You can using EJB to process data access layer in your Application.

    Hope what I think are true.
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    hai Ronal

      this "out of environment" is specific to Windows95 & windows98.. it is because of the memory allocated to Dos in the RAM(just 1MB), but our j2ee requires more RAM size for running.

    so set the memory property of ur DOS window(opened) to 4096
    and then run.(u can set this in controlpanel too).

     all the best
      Rajesh Kumar.V