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    hi friends!

    need you help on the follwoing issue,, well its a confusion...

    can we say that Session beans fall in the View part of the MVC architecture if we think of charcterizing it....

    well following are my questions..

    (1) we do use session beans as a front end for handling complex transactions /interaction with the Entity beans at the back end.

    (2) they represent an active session..

    so can conclude the that Session beans lie in the View Part when we take MVC architecture in account.
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    No, session beans are better thought of as controllers. Also, we don't really have an MVC architecture because the controllers (session beans) do not typically update the view when the model changes.

    With J2EE what we do have are some fairly close correlations with UML stereotypes:
    - Boundary (servlet, JSP)
    - Controller (headless servlet, session bean)
    - Entity (entity bean)

    These stereotypes have evolved from the MVC architecture, but they are not quite the same thing.