Whizlabs announces SCBCD Exam Simulator


News: Whizlabs announces SCBCD Exam Simulator

  1. Whizlabs announces SCBCD Exam Simulator (10 messages)

    Certification simulator vendor Whizlabs has announced an exam simulator designed to prepare you for the Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) exam. Whizlabs' SCBCD simulator offers 5 mock exams with over 350 incisive questions.

    Check out Whizlabs SCBCD simulator, and a An SCBCD certification primer.

    Interestingly, Whizlabs offers an unconditional guarantee that you'll pass the SCBCD if you use their simulator.

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  2. Is this what programming has come to? I'd rather be a licensed dog.
  3. To the contrary, this is what being a developer has become. I've coded for 20 years and never once had a cert until I moved from mainframe COBOL/CICS/DB2 JES2 OS/MVS programming into the wild, wolly world of client/server/internet development.

    I compare this to the old days when I cut my teeth in this business and everyone was obtaining an MBA to be competitve. Nowadays, it's the certs. It's akin to IT shops getting their CMM 5 rating.

    Many young bucks sniff at the certs. Fine, but it you want to be the alpha-uber geek, it certainly helps. I hold multiple certs and I can assure you, when tough technical Java issues come up in our shop, people come to me because I know the subject. That is validation enough for me.

    Having the cert won't get you a job, but it will help in today's job market. I'm on contract right now and one of the reasons I even got an interview was because of the certs.

    Better yet, don't certify. It just thins out the pack.
  4. IT certs might be gimmicky, but they are the only area in education where I've seen standards going up. For example, these new Sun J2EE developer exams are each at about the same level as the old Java Architect exam, which was a one-test thing as I remember. Now for architect you need to do a project as well.
  5. Whizlabs Simulator is full of bugs[ Go to top ]

    There seems to be more discussion about the certification itself rather than the Whizlabs simulator. I went ahead and bought the simulator. I've never used their products before because there was always so many other free practice tests for the other certs. But this certification is so new that there isn't much out there yet, not even Sun has put out any sample questions.

    The practice exams are ok. The questions sometimes are more confusing than the actual exam (like which of the following are not true? And then all the answers are in the negative). The product itslef is buggy. Many of the drag and drop questions don't work right, and sometimes the drap and drop questions don't have all the necessary objects to drag. There also are a few questions that have you order certain events in an EJB lifecyle and type the answer in - like ADBCFHEG - but then there are no letters next to each event. There are also a good number of typos. You'd think there would be some QA.

    In the end, I think it was worth it. But 6 months from now, there will be plenty of discussion groups, websites, books, and free practice questions so that I doubt the simulator would be worth it.
  6. Whizlabs Simulator is full of bugs[ Go to top ]

    I have found that there is already a book, "Head First EJB: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer exam". It has 200 mock questions, and the two authors were both co-developers of the actual Sun exam.
  7. Re: Whizlabs Simulator is full of bugs[ Go to top ]

    Thanks John for your genuine feedback. We are soon coming up with a new version, taking care of all the problems related to Drag & Drop questions.

    In case you have more inputs, please do mail us at support at whizlabs dot com.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Best Wishes,
  8. Could you be more specific?[ Go to top ]

    When will this new version/patch be available? I was considering buying this mock as well but will hold off until this is fixed.


  9. New version launch[ Go to top ]

    Thanks Joshua for your interest!

    The new version with the corrections will be launched by Tuesday. Those who've already purchased or will be purchasing during next 3 days will be notified for updation.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
  10. New version is launched[ Go to top ]

    Dear All,

    I am glad to announce the launch of new version.

    Please check it out at http://www.whizlabs.com/scbcd/scbcd.html

    Do share your experience, ask your doubts on SCBCD exam at http://www.whizlabs.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php

    Best wishes,
  11. Resources for SCBCD Exam[ Go to top ]

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    Gayan Balasooriya