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    recently while trying to code a WebSphere 5.0 thin client I came up with the problem that the JRE for the client must be IBM's JRE (see list of supported clients environments in

    This really puzzled me because my experience with other application servers (WebLogic and JBoss) is that any JRE in the client (with similar or higher version than the server JRE) will do the job.

    I am not sure whether IBM has an strategic intent behind this (if all the client applications within your system must use IBM JRE then IBM can control pretty easily your client platform, by releasing or non-releasing a JRE for that certain platform).

    What it appears to me is that IBM imposition goes against:
    1) the j2ee premise "multivendor/multiplatform": all the tiers within your system that require J2EE communication must be IBM JRE complaint
    2) the java premise "Write Once, Run Anywhere": clients cannot be run anywhere, they must run in an IBM JRE

    Finally, in light of the previous rationale I cannot understand why independence of JRE in the client side is not covered by the J2EE Compatibility Test Suite

    I would be very glad to hear any opinions/experiences with respect to this issue
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    Maybe IBM wants control of its own JRE fix-release cycle? With pressure to release updated suite versions, their intent here could be more operational than strategic.