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    I would like to know whether to represent the session facade as control class or an entity class in the analysis model of UML design?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Probably a control class, though if it does nothing but pass entity data back and forth, an entity might be more accurate.

    Or ... invent your own "Session Facade" stereotype and use that. Accuracy is better than shoe-horning things into narrow categories. UML is flexible for a reason.
  3. Thanks for ur response.

    When session facade controls the flow of invocation of various entities and also contains business validations in it, doesn't it become as a control class.
  4. When I responded to your original post, I did not notices you were asking about stereotypes for the analysis model. For the analysis model, a controller stereotype would be appropriate.

    For your design model, though, you should be more accurate, because your session facade will probably not be the only kind of controller in your application. For example, you will almost certainly have controllers in your UI layer as well (such as Struts Action classes).
  5. Thanks for your feedback Paul
  6. Since it is a facade, I suppose there is a possibility that it might be a boundary it fronting a subsystem or tier for usage by any actors?
  7. If u look at the subsystem perspective then Yes u r right. But when the system is developed the boundary is defined for the entire system know.