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    I have a typical requirement for creating documents from the templates which are stored as RTF documents. Please let me know how to create tables and append values dynamically using some means in RTF doc?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. You might consider using an RTF to XML convertor (such as RTF2FO or MajiX), and then access it programmatically using Java XML library (e.g. JDOM).
  3. The best RTF-to-XML converter what i find on the Web is "RTF to XML"
    Using special rules of transformation of RTF formatting elements to FO ones, RTF TO XML composes well-formed XML documents or pairs XSL & XML in line with XSL FO specification.Also it integrates into server and desktop applications through Java API.
    you can find it here:
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    Try XML Publisher from Oracle Corp. It has complete soulution from RTF -> XSL-FO -> PDF/RTF/HTML/EXCEL
  5. Take a look at - it will create reports from rtf merging in data too.

    - dave